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Ecology at Kellogg Biological Station

Summer Semester 2017

I co-instructed a fundamental ecology course using an experiential learning framework. The class met twice per week for eight hours each day. We kept students engaged by doing all of our lectures and short-term projects in the field. During each class period, students designed their own experiments, collected their own data and applied their interpretations of their data to ecological concepts.

Organismal Biology

8 Semesters; Fall 2013 - Spring 2017

Inspire students to actively engage in the scientific method as developing academics. Guide students in the design, implementation, analysis, and professional presentation of independent research projects. Promote the importance of writing, communication and collaborating with others in the sciences. 

Nicaragua Study Abroad

Spring Break 2014, 2016, 2018

Organized and lead 18 students on a nine-day expedition designed to expose them to diverse ecosystems and cultures. Acted as naturalist and liaison between students and the villages we visited. Pushed students to acknowledge and discuss the challenges of life in a remote developing country and the complex relationships created between people and their natural resources. 

Biology of Mammals

2 Semesters; Spring 2011, 2012

Instructed a laboratory class in which students were required to learn the taxonomic structure of the Class Mammalia. I lectured during each lab period and promoted an environment in which student drive questions and learning. The course goal was to develop an understanding of the link between form and function rather than dictate the rote memorization of classification. 

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Lauren and Nash made a great team. Whenever I was feeling confused, she made an effort to explain concepts to me in new ways. She jumped into a river just to catch a snake for us. 

Anon. Student, Ecology

She is the greatest of all time. Had the skill set, organization, knowledge, and critical thinking skills of a tenured, well-respected professor, probably could’ve taught lecture too.

Anon. Student, Organismal Bio

She loves Nicaragua and made all of us love it too. She had endless enthusiasm and energy during the program. She can tell you about all of the animals and people that live there. 

Anon. Student, Nicaragua Study Abroad

She comes to class really excited and she knows her stuff. I'm pretty sure you could ask her about a random fish in the Atlantic and she could tell you all about it. 

Anon. Student, Organismal Biology

Lauren really cares about teaching. I have never had a TA that cares as much as she does. It's almost like she is a real professor. 

Anon. Student, Organismal Biology

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