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Mitchell C.I., D.A. Friend, L.T. Phillips*, E.A. Hunter and others. 2021. ‘Unscrambling’ the drivers of egg production in Agassiz’s desert tortoise: climate and individual attributes predict reproductive output. Endangered Species Research 44:217-230. *First position shared by first three authors

Phillips, L., S. Zlotnik, M. Zipple, K. Burnett, and T. Doan. 2017. Prevalence of Saurian Malaria in Anolis Lizards of La Selva, Costa Rica. The Herpetological Review 48(4):770-771.


Burnett, K., M.N. Zipple, L.T. Phillips, P. Panwar, L.P. McGuire and A.W. Boyle. 2017. Evidence of Heterothermy in high-elevation Neotropical birds. Journal of Tropical Ecology. (In Review)

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