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Professional Development

Teaching College Science

Full semester course, Dr. Joyce Parker, MSU

Completed a semester-long course in which we learned how to promote active learning, create a flipped classroom, foster student collaboration, design lesson plans, simulate wildlife research, and engage with teaching professionals

Racial Literacy Training                                                                                                  

The Graduate School, MSU

Completed a three-week workshop to proactively combat racial encounters in teaching and academia


University Graduate Certification in College Teaching Institute                                        The Graduate School, MSU

Completed an innovative two-day workshop focused on the core competencies of teaching at the college level


Community and Citizen Science – A Primer for Researchers

UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science; Short Course at NACCB

A Crash Course in Managing Conservation Projects

WildTeam Conservation; Short Course at NACCB


Species Distribution Models in Practice - A Modeler-Practitioner Roundtable

Interactive discussion to highlight the needs of and bridge the gap between modelers and agency practitioners

Emerging Linkages between Mathematics and Ecology

Kellogg Biological Station, Battle Creek MI, MSU

Completed week-long intensive course in Maximum Likelihood Estimation for ecologists

Graduate Writing Group

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, MSU

Active member of weekly review team; participate in dedicated writing blocks


Write Winning Grant Proposals Workshop

The Graduate School, MSU

Participated in eight-hour workshop focused on the aspects that drive successful grant proposals

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