I am a biogeographer and doctoral research fellow at the University of Nevada, Reno. My current research focuses on ecological modeling for threatened neotropical migrants and UAS applications in wildlife conservation. In my pursuit of wildlife research, I aim to conduct research that recognizes the needs of indigenous and other remote cultures and balances them with the long-term health of threatened ecosystems. My scholarly work to date is strongly rooted in the Coupled Human and Natural Systems of Nicaragua. I am interested in combining rigorous ecological research with collaborative conservation practice. I am currently expanding my statistical modeling, remote sensing, UAS, and GIS skillsets, in the Laboratory for Conservation Biogeography with mentor Dr. Thomas Albright.


The Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society Joint Meeting
09.29.2019 - 10.3.2019
Reno, NV
Where Western WIFL Winter: A Species Distribution Model for Non-Breeding Willow Flycatchers
Oral Presentation
Conservation & Ecology of Birds II 
Tuesday, 10.1.2019: 8:20 AM - 11:50 AM, RSCC, F2 

Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax trailli) Photo and Copyright by Rick Fridell


All photos are sourced from the 2014 summer camera season during my Masters research. Cameras extend from the Ulwa village of Karawala to the Kriol town of Pearl Lagoon. All locations fall within the Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region. Cameras in 2014 captured images of all five Nicaraguan felids as well as the Giant Anteater and Baird’s Tapir.

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